Managing ADHD begins with information

At Creekmore Clinic, we are all familiar with the signs, challenges . . . and triumphs regarding ADHD. We provide this page to allow information regarding innovative technology from QBTech that aids greatly in ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Please take a few moments to read more.

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Qbtech News and Research

  • Dr. Wilfred H. Farquharson on improving ADHD treatment for marginalized communities

    Marginalized communities have long faced challenges in receiving access to adequate medical treatment. Studies from the United States have shown that Black and Latinx children are less likely to receive diagnoses and treatment for their ADHD [1], while a 2021 study suggested Asian children had an ADHD diagnosis rate of just 1.1% [2]. With the overall rate of ADHD in children estimated at 9.8% [3], it’s clear that more work must be done to bridge the gaps in youth treatment. 

  • Back to work with ADHD: finding the right accommodations

    If 2022 is your company’s return-to-office year, you’re not alone. After several false starts, major firms from Apple to Goldman Sachs and AT&T are finally making in-office days a reality for many of their formerly at-home workers. With office occupancy rates up 20% in the first few months of 2022, It really does seem as though the back-to-office revolution is upon us. 

  • What an online ADHD quiz will (and won't) tell you

    Every month, nearly 35,000 people search Google for a structurally simple yet complex question: “Do I have ADHD?”[1] Many of them will land on websites offering online ADHD tests that claim to help answer that very question in a matter of minutes, all from their personal computer. The question is just how effective or relevant these short, web-based questionnaires are when it comes to helping those who potentially have ADHD or a related condition.

  • Six must-visit websites for women with ADHD
  • Qbtech partners with Verdane to accelerate growth in ADHD diagnostics software market

    STOCKHOLM & HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Qbtech, the software provider of objective ADHD tests QbTest and QbCheck, announces investment by specialist growth equity investor, Verdane. Qbtech is the market leader in the objective measurement of ADHD symptoms, transforming ADHD care for individuals and society at large. Working with specialists in health and education in the US and Europe, Qbtech reduces delay in diagnosis and enables treatment optimization for children and adults with ADHD. Verdane’s investment will support Qbtech to further accelerate growth through new technologies, new customer segments, and significant expansion in existing markets.

  • Reshaping ADHD care; an Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust case study

    This case study shares the story of how the Greenwich ADHD team for the Oxleas NHS Trust, tackled their ever-growing waitlist and wait time by incorporating QbTest, an objective, and evidence-based test, into their ADHD pathway.