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Serving New Albany and North Mississippi for almost 50 years

Wonderful Patients
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Treating you like family…

New Albany, MS and vicinity is one of the special places in our state. We feel no differently about the people of our wonderful communities and what they represent. Almost 50 years ago, Dr. Sam Creekmore began his steadfast dedication to the people of Union county (and beyond) and the result is a family practice that is grounded in just that – caring for your whole family.

  • Dedicated, experiences providers and staff

  • Grounded in our community and excited to care for future generations

  • A mission to provide steadfast care for the whole family

It starts with you!

At Creekmore Clinic, our longevity is one of our main strengths. With a longstanding love for our community and providers that are tied in tightly to the people of our area, we can provide effective, personal care to each of our patients!

New Albany is growing – so, we’re growing with it! As we move into this exciting new phase of growth for our city, our vision is to anticipate and provide ample service to keep our patients healthy and happy.

Our sole purpose is to be here for you. We promise to give you our unwavering focus toward observing, diagnosing and resolving the health issues you face.


Don’t just take our word for it. See what patients are saying about Creekmore Clinic below.

My kids have come here since birth and they won’t ever see another doctor.


I’ve been a patient of his since I was 14 years old and I’m now 47. I would recommend anyone to them.


My children and I have all seen doctors and NPs . . . they are all amazing and have a great staff!!